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391 1014d 19h rlievin / Removed debug printf.  
387 1015d 10h rlievin /misc/daemon/ Removed interval paramter from daemon default file.  
386 1015d 10h rlievin /misc/daemon/ Changed default portal path.  
383 1015d 22h rlievin / Renamed 'interval' option to 'save'.  
380 1021d 16h rlievin /misc/ Fixed bad variable in startup script.  
376 1022d 08h rlievin / Added XML query into eon plugin.  
372 1023d 20h rlievin / Added plscnt (my Raspberry Pi shield) plugin.  
366 1024d 19h rlievin / Modified glboal paths management (1/2).  
362 1598d 16h rlievin /misc/cron/ Improved mail reporting.  
350 1611d 19h rlievin /misc/ Added script used to link all files from SD card to root FS.  
342 1737d 21h rlievin / Added bash script to automate mail reports.  
326 1746d 22h rlievin /misc/cron/ Updated crontab for mail report.  
320 1750d 21h rlievin / Added mail report capability.  
311 1949d 12h rlievin / Huge changes: modified code to rely on GLib and remove static fixed buffers.  
310 1950d 09h rlievin /misc/db/ Changed 'sensor' workd to 'interface' one.  
305 1952d 16h rlievin /misc/udev/ Fixed typo.  
304 1952d 16h rlievin /misc/udev/ Added quotes in udev notifier because some USB string may contain space chars.  
302 1952d 16h rlievin /misc/udev/ Added udev rules for EnviR support.  
301 1952d 16h rlievin /misc/udev/ Fixed issues in scripts.  
289 1960d 20h rlievin /misc/ Added creation of /var/run directory (raspi).  

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