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391 1014d 19h rlievin / Removed debug printf.  
390 1014d 19h rlievin /src/ Rewritten configuration parser to use GLib instead.  
389 1014d 19h rlievin /src/ Fixed multiple strncpy bug.  
388 1015d 09h rlievin /src/ Modified default debug level.  
385 1015d 17h rlievin /src/ Added missing files.  
384 1015d 20h rlievin / Reworked management og signals and alarm.  
383 1015d 22h rlievin / Renamed 'interval' option to 'save'.  
382 1016d 16h rlievin /src/ Fixed bug with stamp file.  
381 1016d 16h rlievin /src/ Updated emg to use tiedf daemon rathern than built-in code.  
378 1021d 21h rlievin /src/ Implemented read method into eon plugin.  
377 1022d 08h rlievin /src/ Some fixes.  
376 1022d 08h rlievin / Added XML query into eon plugin.  
375 1022d 09h rlievin /src/ Use interface name rather than interface type to query plugin.  
374 1022d 09h rlievin /src/ Added unit to plscnt plugin.  
373 1022d 10h rlievin /src/ Clean-up of warning and renamed query_all into query_var.  
372 1023d 20h rlievin / Added plscnt (my Raspberry Pi shield) plugin.  
371 1023d 21h rlievin /src/ FIxed path bug.  
370 1024d 14h rlievin /src/ Added parsing of eon folder.  
369 1024d 15h rlievin /src/ Added eon plugin skeleton.  
368 1024d 15h rlievin /src/ Static keyword was missing.  

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