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71 943d 01h rlievin / Exit program if serial port is not available.  
70 943d 01h rlievin /src/ Display program exiting.  
69 943d 01h rlievin /misc/ Removed serial device from default file.  
68 943d 01h rlievin / Make install script generic.  
67 943d 05h rlievin / Added global install script.  
66 949d 23h rlievin /src/ Fixed strncpy call.  
65 1017d 04h rlievin /src/ Removed unused files.  
64 1017d 06h rlievin /src/ Use GLIb code instead of my readline code.  
63 1018d 00h rlievin / Added output option.  
62 1018d 08h rlievin /src/ Fixed bug with config path in daemon ode.  
61 1018d 08h rlievin /src/ Fixed memory allocation bug.  
60 1018d 08h rlievin /man/ Fixed typos.  
59 1018d 09h rlievin /man/ Updated page of manual (man).  
58 1018d 09h rlievin / Set verbose mode as 'info' for default.  
57 1019d 09h rlievin /src/ Fixed bug with config file.  
56 1019d 09h rlievin /src/ Fixed typo.  
55 1020d 02h rlievin /src/ Changed command line option.  
54 1020d 02h rlievin /src/ Changed command line option.  
53 1020d 03h rlievin /misc/ Added serial device configuration.  
52 1023d 03h rlievin /src/ Fixed bug.  

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