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68 943d 02h rlievin / Make install script generic.  
44 1027d 05h rlievin / Increased version.  
36 1028d 04h rlievin / Moved config.h to autoheader.h  
31 1085d 05h rlievin / Improved some logging messages.  
12 1093d 21h rlievin / Migrated design fro GLIB to XML library.  
11 1094d 00h rlievin / Fixed XML file.  
3 1102d 07h rlievin / Added ESP3 packet definitions.  
2 1103d 02h rlievin / Changed 'emg' into 'eon' and 'Energy Monitoring & Graphing' into 'EnOcean Telegram Listener'.  
1 1103d 07h rlievin / Initial commit.