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69 941d 15h rlievin /misc/ Removed serial device from default file.  
67 941d 19h rlievin / Added global install script.  
63 1016d 14h rlievin / Added output option.  
58 1016d 23h rlievin / Set verbose mode as 'info' for default.  
53 1018d 17h rlievin /misc/ Added serial device configuration.  
49 1022d 17h rlievin /misc/ Fixed variables in startup script.  
46 1025d 18h rlievin / Fixed special char in XML file.  
44 1025d 19h rlievin / Increased version.  
41 1025d 21h rlievin / Reworked global paths.  
40 1026d 16h rlievin /misc/ Added run of rc script at install time.  
36 1026d 18h rlievin / Moved config.h to autoheader.h  
33 1077d 22h rlievin /misc/ Fixed file extension.  
30 1084d 18h rlievin /misc/ Converted XML file to UTF8 due to special chars.  
28 1085d 21h rlievin / Fixed XML parsing.  
26 1086d 10h rlievin / Added debugging information.  
24 1086d 15h rlievin / Finished to parse XML profiles.  
16 1091d 15h rlievin / Migrated ID file from token to XML syntax.  
14 1091d 21h rlievin / Added source code template for sender IDs list.  
12 1092d 11h rlievin / Migrated design fro GLIB to XML library.  
11 1092d 14h rlievin / Fixed XML file.  

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