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645 1741d 07h rlievin / Moved files implementing functions into a separate folder.  
595 1754d 05h rlievin / Proofread of field checks.  
583 1757d 23h rlievin / Manually indented code.  
298 2262d 06h rlievin / Switched to XML menus and links.  
54 2330d 09h rlievin / Improved link contents management system.  
53 2330d 21h rlievin / Added forms to add probes and pass them thru session.  
20 2336d 00h rlievin / Added GPL v3 license header.  
6 2346d 04h rlievin / Added error checkers.  
5 2346d 05h rlievin / Web site finished; fully dynamic.  
3 2346d 05h rlievin / Enabled id_page and variable contents.  
2 2346d 05h rlievin / Finished to implement dynamic menu; need to be improved later.  
1 2346d 06h rlievin / Initial import.