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719 1605d 09h rlievin / Fixed "Strict Standards: Non-static method Park::getDeviceKeyFromPath() should not be called statically".  
717 1605d 10h rlievin / Fixed internationalization of graphs.  
713 1605d 22h rlievin / Removed device selection by using data parent path.  
704 1606d 04h rlievin / Added some translations.  
703 1606d 04h rlievin / Fixed typos.  
701 1606d 04h rlievin / Added some strings to i18n.  
699 1606d 05h rlievin / Changed the title of some buttons.  
695 1606d 07h rlievin / Fixed some typos, again.  
669 1618d 01h rlievin / Fixed some typos in strings.  
668 1618d 04h rlievin / Finished to enclose strings with the "_" character.  
650 1741d 06h rlievin / Display file and line error in exception.  
646 1741d 07h rlievin / Fixed some strings for i18n support.  
643 1741d 08h rlievin / Clean-up and exceptions in the sqlite wrapper.  
631 1744d 04h rlievin / Added exception support to sqlite queries.  
628 1744d 06h rlievin / Changed some constant values in the planning of changing the table names.  
605 1752d 09h rlievin / Cosmetic changes.  
602 1752d 10h rlievin / Added alt keyword on all buttons.  
594 1754d 06h rlievin / Validated all of pages to XHTML1.0 strict standard.  
583 1757d 22h rlievin / Manually indented code.  
558 1949d 01h rlievin / Changed the 'probe' word by the 'device' one (semantics).  

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