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724 1602d 04h rlievin / Reworked html redirection (part 3/3).  
688 1605d 12h rlievin / Quoted all of error messages.  
668 1617d 07h rlievin / Finished to enclose strings with the "_" character.  
592 1753d 09h rlievin / Added Error class to display html errors (part 2/2).  
583 1757d 01h rlievin / Manually indented code.  
558 1948d 04h rlievin / Changed the 'probe' word by the 'device' one (semantics).  
524 2051d 08h rlievin / Replaced id of err_msg and id of buttons by a class tag.  
448 2187d 11h rlievin / Modified Datum relationship. Before: Datum objects follows on Trackers objects. Now, a Datum object can follow a Datum object, too.  
447 2187d 12h rlievin / Fixed bugs.  
417 2191d 14h rlievin / Set http refresh as glboal variable.  
392 2199d 05h rlievin / Implemented loading of configuration from XML files.  
384 2205d 01h rlievin / Fixed various bug(s) in the Cost system.  
343 2241d 06h rlievin / Renamed set/getTracker in set/getTrackerKey to avoid confusion. These functions don't return an object but a key.  
332 2242d 07h rlievin / Fixed/debugged cost forms.  
324 2243d 01h rlievin / Make error messages appear with a special color.  
281 2288d 01h rlievin / Converted file from DOS to UNIX CR/LF.  
275 2290d 00h rlievin / Re-enabled redirection when submit form is OK.  
253 2299d 23h rlievin / Implemented loading of configuration data from a php.ini like file.  
248 2302d 00h rlievin / Big clean-up in the session load/save code (remote configuration data is now loaded once).  
236 2306d 02h rlievin / Cost forms updated.  

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