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725 1605d 09h rlievin / Fixed call to static method.  
723 1605d 09h rlievin / Fixed floating point issue with fractional numbers.  
722 1605d 09h rlievin / Reworked html redirection.  
714 1607d 18h rlievin / Upgraded the maximum size of name/key due to the fact that some device key relies on USB serial number which is somewhat long.  
712 1608d 05h rlievin / Datum object which are not simple object stores the parent device key, now.  
690 1608d 16h rlievin / Reworked some error messages.  
688 1608d 16h rlievin / Quoted all of error messages.  
668 1620d 11h rlievin / Finished to enclose strings with the "_" character.  
660 1737d 13h rlievin / Increased max length from 20 to 40.  
652 1739d 07h rlievin / Fixed bug.  
595 1756d 12h rlievin / Proofread of field checks.  
592 1756d 14h rlievin / Added Error class to display html errors (part 2/2).  
583 1760d 05h rlievin / Manually indented code.  
571 1950d 15h rlievin / Added configuration file (debug).  
558 1951d 08h rlievin / Changed the 'probe' word by the 'device' one (semantics).  
524 2054d 12h rlievin / Replaced id of err_msg and id of buttons by a class tag.  
421 2194d 16h rlievin / Renamed some functions in the Datum class.  
419 2194d 17h rlievin / Removed DatumExternal from forms.  
417 2194d 18h rlievin / Set http refresh as glboal variable.  
412 2195d 12h rlievin / Renamed scale/offset to a/b (like in a*x+b) in order to prepare the reworking of Datum classes.  

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