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720 1607d 13h rlievin / Updated InnoSetup installer.  
581 1948d 14h rlievin /iss/ Fixed links.  
580 1948d 15h rlievin /iss/ Removed service/user choice because WampServer it not started at boot. So, it's useless.  
579 1948d 16h rlievin /iss/ Fixed link and restart Wamp service at the end of installation.  
578 1948d 17h rlievin /iss/ Added new themes.  
577 1948d 17h rlievin /iss/ Added new themes and fixed replacement of WAMP configuration files.  
573 1950d 12h rlievin /iss/ Added a lot of missing files due to portal improvements.  
557 1951d 09h rlievin / Modified upload script to allow upload of CFG file.  
474 2102d 06h rlievin / Fixed file location.  
229 2309d 16h rlievin /iss/ Preparing modifying of php.ini file.  
228 2309d 16h rlievin /iss/ Detected bug but not fixed yet. Just implement a workaround.  
123 2323d 12h rlievin /iss/ Use an InnoSetup extension to manage WampServer apache service.  
122 2323d 15h rlievin /iss/ Fixed problem with path remember.  
121 2324d 05h rlievin /iss/ Allow to start/stop Apache service.  
120 2324d 06h rlievin /iss/ Removed some debug code. Please note the SelectDir wizard page is buggy under Windows 7 but works fine under Wni2k & XP.  
119 2324d 08h rlievin /iss/ Clean-up and improvements.  
118 2324d 09h rlievin /iss/ Added French language pack.  
117 2324d 12h rlievin /iss/ Finished to test/implement download of files and added download tray icon support.  
116 2325d 14h rlievin /iss/ Tested & validated download of dependency from installer.  
115 2325d 15h rlievin /iss/ Installer check for 32/64 bits target location of Wamp.  

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