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668 1618d 05h rlievin / Finished to enclose strings with the "_" character.  
583 1757d 23h rlievin / Manually indented code.  
281 2288d 22h rlievin / Converted file from DOS to UNIX CR/LF.  
146 2315d 09h rlievin / Added invoice tab.  
107 2324d 06h rlievin / Clean-up , fixing license headers in all files and page_id.  
76 2327d 03h rlievin / Implemented listing of sensors & variables. Clean-up.  
28 2333d 04h rlievin / Replaced menu by tabs and added menu on left side. Now, we really need a real link management system without using an DB.  
5 2346d 05h rlievin / Web site finished; fully dynamic.