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658 1735d 06h rlievin /session.ex/ Fixed increment value of energy meter.  
615 1751d 11h rlievin / Moved some data as examples to avoid overriding of existing files when updating a configuration.  
569 1948d 09h rlievin / Bug fix: unit not restored from configuration load.  
568 1948d 10h rlievin / reworked autoname mechanism to rely on trackers CSV informations.  
567 1948d 10h rlievin / Added disabled icon to data list.  
565 1948d 10h rlievin /session/ Use 'Eau Globale' name instead of 'Eau Froide' one.  
533 2031d 09h rlievin / Split 'data' folder into 'auth' and 'session' folders. I begun to move locally named file to global PHP file.  
484 2094d 08h rlievin / Fixed auto-name of trackers.  
427 2192d 06h rlievin / Use step/offset information from tracker to compute right data.  
424 2192d 08h rlievin / Renamed autonames file.  
416 2192d 21h rlievin / Added step to trackers.  
413 2193d 05h rlievin / Added write support on trackers creation/modification.  
402 2197d 21h rlievin / Cosmetic changes.  
400 2197d 22h rlievin / Implemented DatumDiff support thru SQLite.  
395 2198d 04h rlievin / Tracker/data framework widely reworked.  
320 2244d 03h rlievin / Fixed typos and bugs.  
242 2305d 21h rlievin / Load tracker names from a file (debugging purpose). Think to use a file upload form later for this...  
39 2331d 23h rlievin / Removed deprecated files.  
35 2332d 21h rlievin / Fixed bug with menu generation.  
34 2332d 22h rlievin / Added a new Url object class.  

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