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727 1596d 17h rlievin / Fixed permissions/group/owner chech and don't try and change perms.  
718 1607d 16h rlievin / Improved setup page.  
680 1609d 09h rlievin / Replaced some static text by gettext() calls.  
677 1609d 09h rlievin / Fixed some typos of language.  
668 1620d 11h rlievin / Finished to enclose strings with the "_" character.  
594 1756d 13h rlievin / Validated all of pages to XHTML1.0 strict standard.  
583 1760d 05h rlievin / Manually indented code.  
552 1960d 11h rlievin / Compares both strings.  
549 2033d 01h rlievin / Display results as html table (better).  
548 2033d 01h rlievin / Added file system check in setup.php script.  
499 2091d 18h rlievin / Testing UDB sockets for broadcast detection of ALIX probes.  
482 2096d 17h rlievin / Some typo fixes.  
469 2102d 13h rlievin / Updated setup script in English language.  
436 2192d 08h rlievin / Fixed various typos highlighted by PHP strict mode.  
375 2209d 04h rlievin / Added a new DateTimeZ class which take into account TZ.  
372 2209d 05h rlievin / Improved SqliteQuery class and fixed bugs.  
361 2214d 16h rlievin / Updated setup to parse SQLite.  
308 2248d 09h rlievin / Added new menu items and some cosmetic changes.  
281 2291d 05h rlievin / Converted file from DOS to UNIX CR/LF.  
93 2328d 05h rlievin / Fixed typos.  

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