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592 1757d 13h rlievin / Added Error class to display html errors (part 2/2).  
583 1761d 05h rlievin / Manually indented code.  
557 1952d 08h rlievin / Modified upload script to allow upload of CFG file.  
524 2055d 12h rlievin / Replaced id of err_msg and id of buttons by a class tag.  
513 2083d 13h rlievin / Added ability to set name directly on board.  
490 2097d 03h rlievin / Many changed to store information in an UUID dependent foldeR.  
475 2099d 18h rlievin / Added class to read/write remote emg.conf configuration file.  
363 2213d 06h rlievin / Remote scripts tested (beware: these scripts are not very secure).  
362 2213d 10h rlievin / Added PHP scripts used to upload files onto the box appliance thru cURL. Those files are installed on the box.