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718 1607d 17h rlievin / Improved setup page.  
695 1608d 15h rlievin / Fixed some typos, again.  
693 1608d 15h rlievin / Translated buttons.  
683 1609d 09h rlievin / Fixed some typos for i18n.  
679 1609d 09h rlievin / Menus are trans-coded from UTF8 to lcoal charset, now.  
676 1614d 15h rlievin /xml/ Updated fr menu according to en menu.  
671 1620d 06h rlievin / Use language as set by browser now.  
669 1620d 09h rlievin / Fixed some typos in strings.  
629 1746d 12h rlievin /xml/ Added an asterisk to menu items which requires Internet connection.  
606 1754d 06h rlievin / Removed old menus.xml file.  
605 1754d 17h rlievin / Cosmetic changes.  
604 1754d 17h rlievin / Renamed form_history into form_browse_history.  
603 1754d 17h rlievin / Added menu item to view the full park.  
576 1949d 08h rlievin / Used internationalized menus.  
558 1951d 09h rlievin / Changed the 'probe' word by the 'device' one (semantics).  
511 2082d 15h rlievin / Use list of broadcast address to build a list of probes.  
504 2087d 10h rlievin / Added network form.  
480 2096d 17h rlievin / Auth loing/logout: removed submit parts.  
478 2096d 18h rlievin /xml/ Moved mail menu because probe dependent. Can't be a global menu.  
474 2102d 06h rlievin / Fixed file location.  

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