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20 1631d 11h rlievin / Updated log of changes.  
19 1631d 11h rlievin / Added parity checking.  
18 1631d 13h rlievin / Removed old files and updated scripts.  
17 1631d 13h rlievin / Added v1 power support.  
16 1631d 13h rlievin / Clean-up.  
15 1631d 13h rlievin / Migrated source code to GNU options parser.  
14 1631d 14h rlievin / Removed auto-generated file.  
13 1631d 14h rlievin / Added missing files.  
12 1631d 14h rlievin / Added missing files.  
11 1631d 14h rlievin / Added missing files.  
10 1631d 14h rlievin / Added missing files.  
9 1631d 14h rlievin / Added missing file.  
8 1631d 14h rlievin / Updated project with autoprojet.  
7 1631d 14h rlievin / Updated log file.  
6 2364d 03h rlievin / Imported latest release which includes better power-up set-up.  
5 3214d 11h roms / Use config file for storing SQL credentials.  
4 3214d 17h rlievin / Removed non versionned file.  
3 3219d 11h rlievin / Changed power supply mode for hardware v2.  
2 3229d 15h rlievin / Casse incorrecte pour certains fichiers; fichier autotools trop vieux.  
1 3316d 03h roms / Importing initial sources.